Latest Advancements in The Print Industry


Technology is developing at a rapid pace and changing many established methods of accomplishing tasks and completing projects. The print and design industries are excellent examples of areas seeing these changes and innovations. To remain competitive and profitable, both large and small print business owners are encouraged to educate themselves on the latest developments in their industries, particularly in software and machine features. Some recent print technology innovations worth noting include high-speed digital printing on demand, three-dimensional printing, hybrid print processes and the increased efficiency of digital print workflows.

Developments in Digital Inkjet Printing

Offset printing has long been an industry standard, but the market demand for it has seen a steady drop due to the process’s longer workflow times and lack of cost-effectiveness. As commercial inkjet printers have become faster, more reliable and of higher quality, these machines are quickly replacing offset print presses. Professional-grade, high-speed inkjet printers are now capable of rendering text at up to 4,000 words per minute, and speeds for images and graphics are not far behind.
Digital print technology is not only much faster; it can also render designs much more intricate than print professionals could have accomplished in the recent past. Varying surface finishes can now be printed on the same project, and three-dimensional graphic designs can now be printed with more realistic depth. These creative possibilities allow designers to put together eye-catching projects with fewer limitations than they would have found with offset printing.

Source: B2C print